How Mushrooms Are

Transforming The Food Industry

Mushrooms Reducing Sugar

Creating products for today’s consumer is no easy task. The desire for fewer and more functional ingredients contributes to formulation challenges.

Mushrooms Transforming Plant Based Proteins

Gone are the days of choosing between taste, functionality, allergenicity, sustainability, clean label, and nutritional value. Mushroom fermentation unlocks the full potential of plant based proteins.

Mushrooms Fixing Flavor Defects

Taste is the number one factor in consumer acceptance of a food product. See how we can help you fix even some of the most challenging ingredients.

Ingredients That Solve Big Challenges

Here at MycoTechnology we are focused on taking on big challenges in the food industry that have always been considered impossible. We are committed to developing novel solutions to make the world a better and healthier place.

The Future of Food Processing

Developing ingredients on a platform allows us to take R&D projects and scale them rapidly to bring new innovations quickly to market.

A Few Ways Mushrooms Can Help

Mushroom fermentation is the solution to many of our world’s biggest challenges.

How Do We End

The Sugar Epidemic

Sugar Consumption

Research suggests that high sugar diets are directly linked to obesity and diabetes. ClearTaste, the world’s first organic bitter blocker, is a powerful tool in the fight against sugar.

How Do We Feed A

Growing Population

Protein Needs

It is projected that as early as 2040 we will be unable to support the population with their basic protein needs. Find out how mushrooms can unlock the full potential of plant based proteins.