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The World’s First Organic Bitter Blocker

Derived from a mushroom extract, ClearTaste effectively acts as a shield for your tongue temporarily blocking bitter tastes from being perceived. In an independent 3rd party study, ClearTaste was shown to block 17 of the 25 bitter receptors found on the tongue.



ClearTaste effectively blocks the perception of bitterness so less sugar is needed to overcome the negative flavor profile.

Sugar Elimination

Companies looking to eliminate sugar can use ClearTaste in conjunction with a non-nutritive sweetener to achieve a clean tasting sugar alternative.



Functional ingredients tend to be inherently bitter. ClearTaste can soften the harshness and even out the off-notes of even the most challenging flavors.

Find Out How ClearTaste Is Disrupting The Food Industry

Creating products for today’s consumer is no easy task. The desire for fewer and more functional ingredients contributes to formulation challenges in terms of taste. ClearTaste, a new clean label organic ingredient, is changing how food developers create great tasting products.
Sugar Reduction

Reducing Sugar Without Compromising On Taste

Consumers are seeking out products with functional claims like high protein, caffeine, herbal extracts, fruit & vegetable concentrates, bio-oils, natural sweetener. Unfortunately, the inclusion of these ingredients has a negative impact on flavor. ClearTaste blocks the off notes which allows companies to use functional ingredients without having to add excessive sugar to cover up the bad tastes.

Sugar Elimination

Eliminating Sugar With ClearTaste and Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

Non-nutritive sweeteners are known for their displeasing astringency and lingering bitter and metallic aftertaste. Adding ClearTaste cleans up these problems, making the sweetener more closely replicate the flavor profile of sugar.

Fixing Flavors

Fixing Difficult Flavors?

ClearTaste can help to fix the flavor defects in formulations that stem from the use of functional ingredients. In doing so you are able to include more nutritional ingredients and less sugars, maskers, and other additives.

Popular ClearTaste Applications

ClearTaste works in hundreds of applications typically within 1 to 50 ppm range. Below are a list of a few of the more popular applications that ClearTaste has shown to be highly effective in.
Stevia is one of the top choices for natural sweetening, but has some tough flavor defects. It is known for its upfront sweetness and lingering bitter and metallic aftertaste. Adding ClearTaste to stevia cleans up these problems, making it more closely replicate the flavor profile of sugar. It also evens out the sweetness level throughout the experience to eliminate that sharp bitter drop-off at the end.
Baked Goods
Baked goods are known for being high in sugar. Much of that is due to the high amount of added sugar necessary to cover the bad flavors of the functional ingredients being used. Combining ClearTaste into the formula for baked goods can drastically reduce the amount of sugar that needs to be incorporated into the recipe.
Chocolate can be extremely bitter on its own, so many manufacturers add sugar to make it more palatable. This also increases the carbohydrate count and adds calories. Adding ClearTaste into chocolate helps to reduce the bitterness without needing excessive sugar to overpower the harsh cacao taste.
Non-Dairy Beverages
Non-dairy beverages often use alternatives that have inherent flavor defects. ClearTaste can be added into these formulations to even out the bitter and sour off-notes that are often associated with dairy alternatives.
Plant Based Proteins
Plant based proteins like soy, rice, pea, and others, have major flavor challenges making them extremely difficult to formulate with. Adding ClearTaste helps to even out some of the beany, earthy, and bitter off-notes related to these types of ingredients.
Alcohol is naturally astringent, but sometimes it can be overpowering and take away from the experience. ClearTaste works to reduce the astringency by smoothing out the sharp notes and providing a more balanced mouthfeel, without eliminating the positive characteristics of the alcohol flavor.
Carbonated Soft Drinks
Sodas and other carbonated beverages are extremely popular but are among the hardest applications to formulate with, particularly diet varieties. Sugar-free soft drinks require non-nutritive sweeteners, and all of them have taste challenges. Combining the sweetener with ClearTaste not only evens out the bitterness and aftertaste, it provides a consistent sweetness level without dramatic spikes or drop-offs.

Cereal is often made with corn, wheat, rice, oats, and other grains. These ingredients have strong off notes, which is why large quantities of sugar is often added into cereals. ClearTaste works to minimize the grainy notes so that less sugar can be added. With ClearTaste the negative flavors are not perceived allowing companies to use less sugar.

Caffeine is a favorite functional ingredient, but poses challenges in formulation with its bitterness. Combining ClearTaste with caffeine offsets that bitterness, making the product taste smoother and cleaner without sacrificing the energy-boosting benefits of the caffeine.
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