Meet The MycoTeam

We have a talented leadership team that is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our management team brings together a wide range of expertise and under their direction MycoTech is able to keep up with rapid expansion and bring new solutions to market.

Alan Hahn

CEO, MycoTechnology

Anthony Clark

CSO, MycoTechnology

Rick Becker

COO, MycoTechnology

Jonathan Jachimiec

CFO, MycoTechnology

Bruno Dubois

CRO, MycoTechnology

Mary Smith

Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel

Fay Chu Fong

General Counsel

Pete Lubar

EVP Business Development

“A company is only as strong as their team. I am thrilled with the innovative mindset and dedication to excellence that our executives and employees exhibit every single day.”

Alan Hahn, CEO MycoTechnology

Meet The MycoBoard

Sanjeev Krishnan

Chairman, S2G

Oxana Kukhaneva

Seventure Partners

Scott Horner

Middleland Capital

Christian Okoye

Emerson Collective

Alan Hahn

CEO, MycoTechnology

Rob Case

Board Member

Doug Tough

Board Member